BaseApp — Basecamp Notifications Delivered to Your Desktop

GetBaseApp Brings Easy Basecamp Alerts to Mac OS X

BaseApp is a menubar application for Mac OS X that helps you stay on top of everything that happens in your Basecamp accounts.baseapp review

BaseApp can be a lightweight utility that sits within your menu bar and monitors the sport from your Basecamp account or accounts. You’re alerted to updates or changes for the Basecamp, or being able to connect to the completely new changes are a close this article.

Just like a collaboration and project management software program, Basecamp might be configured to deliver users an e-mail whenever a message is shipped, an activity is updated, data is posted or changes are produced to some to-do list or project. This is often a really terrific feature, if however you just works with many different others, especially when an activity is undergoing frequent changes, individuals e-mails can quickly overtake your inbox.

Creating a filter for Basecamp e-mails defeats the goal of being alerted to changes and new messages, thus BaseApp was produced. As opposed to receiving e-mail notifications, you obtain notified inside your Mac OS X desktop.baseapp review

Feels right at home

  • BaseApp was designed to be as minimalistic as possible. Running in your menu bar, it feels like it’s part of your Mac.

There when you need it:

  • You only see BaseApp when you need it. It works in the background, monitoring your Basecamp accounts for activity.

Give your inbox a break

  • We built BaseApp because our inboxes were overflowing with Basecamp emails. Disable those notifications and let BaseApp take it from there.


  • BaseApp supports Growl and/or sound notifications. It’s up to you to customize the way you want to be notified of new activity.

What people are saying about BaseApp

Matt Gist:

Oh my, I am liking @getbaseapp so far. I normally don’t like menu bar apps, but this one might just be a keeper.

Chris Olson

Received my @getbaseapp beta! So far the interface is the best I have ever seen for a menu bar application.


BaseApp 1.0.6MAY 11TH 2011

  • Fixed free Basecamp account issues

BaseApp 1.0.5JANUARY 6 2011

  • Fixed 37Signals login issues

BaseApp 1.0.4DECEMBER 13 2010

  • Fixed 37Signals Suite issue

BaseApp 1.0.3SEPTEMBER 17 2010

  • Fixed login issues

BaseApp 1.0.2SEPTEMBER 7 2010

  • Fixed trial expiration

BaseApp 1.0.1SEPTEMBER 7 2010

  • Fixed various bugs

BaseApp 1.0SEPTEMBER 6 2010

  • Public release

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